1) The student is assessed based on work and examination for every program. DIMES works with the philosophy that the three-hour classroom examination system is old fashioned as it only puts additional stress on students. As soon as the students are ready to take the exams, they are required to CLICK ON THE EXAM OPTION BUTTON.

2) Evaluation and Grading: Evaluation are conceived, developed and administered on a rigorous and fair basis to bring the best in students and prepare them for challenging careers. Based on the students’ performance the following grading system will be adopted.
• A=Excellent (+70%)
• B=BELOW 70% Failure

Examination Fee: An examination fee is included in our total course fee.

IIISDES | Examination Result
Examination results will be declared SAME DAY & certificate will be issued SAME day.
Important: Students will be given the opportunity for Re-examination if they happen to fail.